Most of the apartments are open, and dust enters them easily as an apartment is a dust magnet. As you are living in an apartment, so it is your duty keep your apartment clean and make it dust proof. You may find ways to prevent your apartment from dust. If you are not interested in vacuuming and in wiping down surfaces then here are some ways by which you can make your apartment dust proof.

If you found apartments for rent in San Antonio and reasonable price but is opened so go for rent and then follow the things that will make your apartment dust proof. You can minimize those things in which the dust gathers especially minimize it in the room because your time is mostly spent in the room. You can also minimize it in bedrooms and living rooms.

If you are among the ones who have the allergy against the dust mites, or you have the stuffy nose, then you can use allergen reducing covers to cover your pillows and mattresses as this is will keep the dust away. You just have to wash the cover twice a year with the hot water to make it clean and then use it again.

You can also use stuff like rubber backs and tight waves outside of every door in your apartment, and this will prevent the dust to enter. Air purifiers are the best way that keeps the dust away. It will suck up the dust present in the air before it settles down.

You should be careful about the ionic air cleaners as they release harmful gasses such as ozone that is highly toxic to your health. You can choose any fan-powered cleaners which are safe for your health, and it sucks up the dust particles easily. You should keep the humidity level in a range between 40% to 50% as this reduces static as static are those substances which attract the dust particles and then the dust is removed with difficulty.

You should avoid using air conditioning filters or cheap furnace. Fiberglass is also included in it. These provide very little prevention against the dust particles. Choose the filters that are pleated and which has a higher rating of MERV. You can take the help of furnace technician as he will give the best suggestions and you can easily choose your right furnace.

You should avoid using drapes. Instead, of drapes use plastic, metal or wood blinds as they can be cleaned easily. You just have to wipe a microfiber cloth to clean it. You can also use an electrostatic duster that has many fingers. However, if you have dust rods, drapes, valances or vacuum rods, then you can clean it with the vacuum brush.

You should not use dryer sheets or fabric softener on your rags or cloth that is microfiber as this will decrease the capability to hold and attract the dust particles, and it will absorb liquids so avoid using it.


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